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Digital Programming 
All satellite radio programming is broadcast in a full digital format
Coast to Coast
Listen to the same station coast to coast
improve the sound of your factory audio system
Genre Specific Programming
Each station's programs are entirely designed around a specific genre
Commercial Free
Most station are 100% commercial free
Use Anywhere
Satellite Radio can be integrated to car, home, rv, boat, and even portable devices
Our Experts will answer all of your questions.....
"How do I add this to my factory sterero?"
"If I buy a new radio, can I add it on?"
"I heard that sometime there is static?"
"How does it mount in my car?"
What can a Satellite Radio System
do for me.

Satellite radio Systems for your car or boat offers some great advantages over any type of current setup with a normal AM/FM radio. Having satellite radio wherever you spend the majority of your time is a great way to listen to music, talk, and sports at your convenience. While it is true that there is a subscription fee for satellite radio, the number of advantages are so valuable that you will gladly pay the minuscule fee for great sounding radio.

Your favorite satellite radio programming can be listened to from anywhere in the world. If you have an adapter, it is available to you through satellites that transmit the signals directly to your radio player. Whether this player is in your vehicle, your recreational means of transportation, or at your home, satellite radio will always come in loud and clear no matter your location.

If you are the type of person that frequently switches back and forth between channels trying to find some music instead of those long, drawn out commercial breaks, satellite radio offers the advantage of having no commercials on its music channels so you don't have to worry about taking your hands off the steering wheel or getting up to change the radio station. Just find your favorite genre of music, and you are set for hours upon hours of entertainment.

The sound quality is also significantly better with satellite radio over the more traditional form of radio. Instead of using radio waves, satellite radio pipes in its radio stations through satellite waves, much the same as the waves that make satellite television possible. Clearer sound and a better overall listening experience are what can be legitimately offered through satellite radio.

The sheer number of available channels is also quite amazing. Normal radio may give you 10-20 channels, depending on your location. Satellite radio, however, can provide over 100 channels of different music and talk stations along with special plans so that you can receive every sports game over your radio. The variety that is offered is one of satellite radio's great advantages. Every kind of musical genre that you can think of has its own station dedicated simply to that particular style of music.

When you add up all of these qualities and all the possible Sirius Satellite Radio Accessories you can add, it is easy to see that the prices that are charged on a monthly basis for satellite radio are minimal compared to all of the benefits that you receive once you are able to enjoy everything that satellite radio has to offer.

Let me first say that the customer service is absolutely AMAZING!!! From the instant I walked in, Dave was right there to welcome me into this concubine of what is now the pain of my wallets existence. Unlike most reps, he listened to what I was looking for in a audio system in my 2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab. He recommended some features, that at first I was reluctant to agree to, but I decided for the nominal price difference, what could it hurt. HE WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! I ended with a full pioneer load out sporting two 10" sub that will rock your body cavity out of the cab and no one will be able to hear you cry for help! Alas, I could dial 911 on the included bluetooth feature through the head unit to come pick you up from becoming a smear on the pavement. I was then naturally hooked. I came back a week later to purchase HID headlights. Let me just tell you, you can see into tomorrow with these things! I am not a fan of night driving, but being able to provide enough lighting for surrounding commuters, I would say that they perform their job above and beyond. Not only do they look cool as fuck, the wiring was tidied up and hidden so it doesn't look like a rats nest under my hood. From there came the topic of dash cracking. Anyone who owns a ride they are passionate about knows exactly what I am talking about. You get that fuzzy dash cover to hide one eyesore with another. No one wants to see the marianna's trench creeping across their $1000 dashboard with that helpless feeling of despair. Well, you can fix that with some window film to block out the UV. My Black on Black ride is easily 70% cooler when I hop into it from sitting out in the sun for a few hours opposed to before. Best investment above all that I made for comfort. Upon that installment, next followed a roll-away bedcover since I wanted to have full security in any cargo I might carry. No, not paraphernalia for you younglings out there. (spending your money on the wrong stuff). Upon receiving this cover, it wouldn't fit, no matter what adjustment, nothing fit. Turns out wrong model in the correct box. No damage done to vehicle, I was kept informed of everything that was going on and graciously gave them as much time as needed to finish the job. I recommend to stop wasting your time in search of the cheap ass shops out there that provide the same product with service similar to anal leakage. Pony up and spend a few more dollars and see where the quality in service come through. You will not once, regret it. Don't be that jerk that thinks your car is the only one they are working on, they are busy for a reason, QUALITY PRODUCT DELIVERY! Give them the time to do the job right and you will never have anything to complain about. Next I will be taking my 240SX there for a complete overhaul and plan on having pictures for references. You don't have to believe me, just go walk in and talk to them. Any of them. Mike, Shawn or Dave......just take the first step, you will know what I am talking about.

Posted By: Everette Dickson

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